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Operating tourism in Paraná!


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Kallisté , in classical Greek: Καλλιστή.

Feminine name originated from the Greek culture, it means “ prettier ”.

The island of Santorini, south of the Aegean - Greece, in the 13th century, was called Kallisté,

from that time and even today considered one of the “most beautiful” islands in Greece.

The island of Corsica, south of France, in the Mediterranean Sea, was called by the Greeks

Kallisté - the “ sublime ” island, and by the French as the “ island of beauty ”. (Ile de Beauté)

The name Kallisté attracts intensity, devotion, respect, promptness, sublime and more beautiful

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Kallisté Turismo - Operating Tourism in Paraná

Operator, Travel Agency, Tourism and Receptive Tourism

Kallisté - Tourist Routing, Services & Travel

Headquartered in the city of Curitiba, State of Paraná. Presents experiential itineraries for

destinations in the diversity of Paranás. One State but with many dimensions that make it plural.

Our travel and tourism programs are the result of research on several visits seeking

and gathering tourist and cultural information with a focus on faith, gastronomy, nature, handicrafts,

various purchases, especially organic products and family agribusiness.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The Kallisté tourist tours in Paraná are structured in environments for experiences.

“... Integrated itineraries with a focus on sustainability, valuing local cultures and

promoting prosperity with social inclusion, learned from the work of immigrants

and migrants who added value to the traditions and customs in Paraná ... ”

  Come on!

                                                            About our way of making trips.

We prefer it to be daytime to enjoy the showcase of the beautiful landscapes of Paraná, in our tourist corridors.

Traveling in a group and on a bus represents advantages that are inherent to the autonomy of road tourism, interacting with communities and providing opportunities for contact with other people.

Our day trips are organized in order to make the best use of time, to contemplate what is most beautiful and modern today, be it due to the landscape that surrounds cities and fields, awakening a feeling of respect and gratitude to beautiful Paraná and productive, due to the work of the people of Paraná with the differential of immigrants and migrants.

Choose an itinerary and come and enjoy the Kallisté way of the best to know and experience on every road and city in our PARANÁ.

Service in Emissive Tourism


- International air tickets.

- Hotel reservations.

- Leisure trips abroad

- Packages for groups and individuals

- Cultural exchange

- Business incentive

- Business and events

                Inbound Tourism Service:

- Groups and individuals.

- Itineraries with exclusive tours and personalized service.

- Leisure, cultural and historical routes, faith, rural and ecotourism,

business and events, incentive

business, and others.

- Bilingual transfers and tour guides

- Air, road and rail tickets.

- Hotel reservations, resorts, farm hotels, inns.

- Assistance in travel documentation and currency exchange.

- Travel insurance.

K allisté

Tourist Routing, Services & Travel


> Consultancy and advisory, with good practices in the development of products for roadmaps

Regional Receptive Tourism.

We are a family owned and operated business.

> Consulting and service provision in

Digital Marketing for Tourism.

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