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K allisté T urism

Operating through the Paths of Faith.

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Europe: Spain

Duration: 10 days


Departure date , from Curitiba - PR: 04 September 2020.


Itinerary : Sarría / Portomarín / Palas del Rei / Melide / Arzúa /

Pedrouzo / Santiago de Compostela.

Value per person in double room

...... euros

Surely you must have heard of the famous Camino de Santiago de Compostela.

It is a secular religious pilgrimage route, located in the far west of Spain,

where is the tomb of the apostle James.

The Camino de Santiago has - for the most part - a medieval aspect.

Gothic and romantic cathedrals, monasteries and chapels, castles and Celtic villages along the route.

Detailed roadmap, click here >>

Information and reservations

Kalliste Tourism



Tel. (41) 3369-2612 41.99111-1579 Whats

Curitiba - Paraná - Brazil

Note : The minimum amount of payers to guarantee the exit

of this group is 10 (ten) people.

Experience this experience,

walking an average of 19km in 06 days.

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