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Europa! Lindas viagens pelo mundo.
Viagens ao Exterior. Veneza destino dos Amores.



Viagens ao Exterior! Destinos inesquecíveis.


About our way of making trips

Europe trips are daytime to enjoy the showcase of beautiful landscapes and the maximum of what there is to know in each city.

Traveling in a group and on a bus represents advantages that are inherent to the autonomy of road tourism, interacting with communities and providing opportunities for contact with other people.

Choose an itinerary and come and enjoy the Kallisté Turismo way of the best to know and experience in each country with beautiful cities.

Some information of interest to travel and stroll with ease.

Travel documents abroad

- Passport . To leave Brazil, the passport must have a minimum of 06 (six) months of validity until the date it expires. Less than 06 months, must be renewed.

*. If entry into any country is prevented by the imposition of the border authorities, the Tour Operator and the Agency that intermediated the sale of the package will not have any responsibility for the damages and / or losses resulting therefrom.

Consular Visas. Confirm the validity of the Entry Visa in the Countries that require it, always with a minimum of three months before the trip.

Road transport , in a modern bus fleet. Note: due to local regulations, buses do not have toilets and smoking is strictly forbidden, so for your comfort, periodic stops are scheduled every 2 hours approximately in service areas.

Luggage and porters at hotels: identify your luggage with name, address, city of residence, country and telephone numbers. Baggage is personal and the passenger's responsibility.

Do not leave your hand luggage, bag in restaurants, at reception or breakfast in hotels and be very careful with people unfamiliar with the operation. At each departure and disembarkation, accompany your luggage (luggage box) from the bus to the hotel and vice versa.

Hotels : quality, in general 4 * and 3 *, buffet breakfast, with private bathrooms, hairdryer, air conditioning and hotel taxes included in the package.

Accompanying guides during the trip in Portuguese or Spanish. * Don't worry about another language.

Local tourist guides in cities are carried out with headphones.

Free Wi-Fi on buses and hotels.

Trip cancellation costs:

Request to cancel the trip must be made in writing.

Cancellation fees will apply according to the advance notice:

  1. Administrative fee = 30 (thirty) Euros

  2. Cancellation up to 31 days before departure: 3% of the total value of the package

  3. Cancellation 30 to 16 days before departure - 10% of the total package value

  4. Cancellation of 15 to 07 days of departure - 25% of the total value of the package

  5. Cancellation less than 07 days before departure - 50% of the total package value

  6. Cancellation with less than 48 hours, “no Show”, total or partial withdrawal of services at the passenger's initiative will not entitle you to any refund.

Kalliste Tourism

Curitiba - Paraná - Brazil

We are a family owned and operated business.

Travel abroad,

Beautiful trips around the world!

Venha visitar Curitiba!

Botanical Garden - Curitiba PR

Kalliste Tourism


Kalliste Tourism



We are a family owned and operated business.

Tel. (41) 3369-2612 // (41) 99111-1579   Whatsapp

We are a family owned and operated business.

Curitiba - Paraná - Brazil

Come visit Curitiba - Paraná

Kalliste Tourism

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