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Paraná da Fé

São Miguel Arc..BR....jpg

St. Michael the Archangel,

on the Bandeirantes da Fé Route

The Rosario Route, Bandeirantes da Fé Route, Capital of Prayer,

Rota da Cura & Benzedeiras , in Paraná, formed by a network of sanctuaries interconnected by Caminhos de Fé.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Integrating scenarios of great historical, architectural and cultural richness, which contribute to a great extent to assist those who seek to cultivate peace of mind and well-being.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The Receptive has the warmth of the countryside and offers options in gastronomy and complementary tours with a focus on rural echo.

We are a family owned and operated business.

To go through these Paths of Faith is to make a pact of renewal, of inner transformation and a time for reflection. For some, a moment of faith, some to pay a promise or to ask for a grace, others for the pilgrimage itself or for a multitude of other reasons or to offer gratitude.

Several cities with Sanctuaries, Cathedrals, Churches and Chapels, Monastery and Museums of Catholic culture and can, due to its grandeur, be considered an ecumenical work for all audiences, regardless of the creed it professes.

Choose a Path of Faith,

that Kallisté takes You.

Capital of Prayer

City : Prudentópolis

Duration : 02 days and 01 night

Itinerary : city of Prudentópolis.

Stroll through the tourist attractions of the municipality: churches in the interior, waterfalls, museums, watch the Divine Liturgy (Mass) at the São Josafat Sanctuary, visit the inlaid factory and buy typical products.

Includes: transportation; 01 hotel night with breakfast; 02 lunches and 01 dinner (without drinks); museum tickets; tour guide and insurance.

Prudentópolis, Capital of Prayer ,

municipality with approximately 100 churches.

Bandeirantes da Fé Route

Saint Michael the Archangel, Defend us from combat!

Saint Michael the Archangel Sanctuary

Our Lady of Lourdes Cave

Sanctuary of Santa Terezinha do Menino Jesus

Duration: 03 days and 02 nights

Itinerary : Northern Pioneiro cities in Paraná: Bandeirantes, Jacarezinho, Andirá and Cambará.

Visits to the local sanctuaries and the Pope's wine tourism.

Includes: transportation; 02 hotel nights with breakfast, trips to local attractions, visits to churches, winery, tour guide, insurance.

Vinhos Canonicos ...BR.....jpg

Canonical Wines,

on the Bandeirantes da Fé Route

Healing & Blessing Route

Benzer, it means well to say.

Duration; - 01 day

Roadmap: Healing by Faith, Prayer and Medicinal Herbs. Cure with Benzthines for asthma, yields; sympathy of the hot wax for fright; open chest, minguá, air in the eye; air in the navel; cobreiro, bugreiro, evil eye and others. Stops at appropriate places for meals.

Includes: transport, tour guide, insurance.

Pilgrimage to the Catholic Faith,

with the best in the region.

A paranaense path of evangelization .

                                Rosary Route

Duration: 04 days and 03 nights.

Itinerary : cities of Norte Pioneiro and Campos Gerais do Paraná; Novenary in 09 different churches, divine opportunity to ask or thank for a grace, to visit places of great religiousness and reflection, sacred architecture visiting more than 12 churches, chapels and museums, rich gastronomy, especially “mineira”, shopping, etc.

Includes: transportation; 03 hotel nights with breakfast, tour guide, insurance.



Departure dates, prices and payment method,

Tel - whatsapp (41) 9.9111-1579

Benzedeiras I...jpg

“Merry Christmas” route

Christmas is time to celebrate life,

spread love and sow hope!

- 01 day, Saturday (December)

Itinerary: cities of Rio Negro / Mafra and Fazenda Rio Grande

Tour to the tourist and cultural attractions of the cities, especially the magic of Christmas. The “City of Belém”, the largest crib in corn straw in the world. The Oratories - showcases with passages from the life of Christ. To end the tour with lots of lights, fireworks show and delicious gastronomic area with Christmas products.

Includes: transport, tour guide and insurance.

Rio Negro Bonecos de palha.jpg

Corn straw nativity scene

Museum of Rio Negro - PR

“Divino Natal” route

Merry Christmas !

- 02 days, Friday and Saturday (December)

Roadmap: cities of Carambeí and Prudentópolis.

Walks to Christmas attractions with music, dance, circus art to stage the birth of Jesus, parades and many Christmas blessings! Enjoy typical Dutch and Ukrainian / Polish food.

Includes: transportation, 01 (one) hotel night with breakfast, admission to the Carambeí Historical Park, Museums and others, Tourism Guide and Insurance.

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Aparecida and Santo Inocêncio, in the city of Tomazina

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