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Foto 157 - catarats  ..BR.....jpg

Iguazu falls - Foz do iguaçu - PR

Pinheiros a noite ..BR....jpg

Terra dos Pinheirais - Araucária tree

Pinhão..BR....... (2).jpg

Receptive Kalliste - tourism discovering Paraná!

K alliste T urism



The Paraná in the world showcase!

Treasury in southern Brazil.

Knowing Paraná motivated by interests and dreams, will allow travelers unique opportunities to interact with fields and cities, fresh waters and the coast, nature

and production, arts and festivals, parks and museums, gastronomy and shopping.

Living, traveling and experiencing form the basis of the Kallisté Project - with a focus on harmonizing people and places, offering the best of traditional destinations with the innovation of adding the diversity of emerging destinations in all seasons.

We have many Paranás thanks to the colonization processes by the ethnic groups and the Brazilianness in their migrations, distributed landscaped in three plateaus with fresh waters and the coast.

Inspired by the poet Mario Quintana when he affirmed that “To travel is to change the clothes of the soul”, how about renewing life by experiencing options with style, taste and welcome from Paraná.

Stories of places, testimonies of lives and learnings in living together form the tripod of our conception in the itineraries ....

During the year the dynamic is due to the agenda of events leveraged by Faith, Gastronomy, Business, Flowers and much more.

The Tourist Receptive of Kallisté , offers integrated tourism with differentiated product options and with novelties throughout the year.

Come !


Agricultural Fields of Wheat / Barley / Oats

Putting Paraná in the showcase of the world - an attitude of

Kalliste Tourism

Produtos artesanal_ ....BR.jpg

Artisanal food products from Agro Industria Familiar

Estradas Oeste arborizadas

Roads through the interior of Paraná - BR 277


Cathedral Basilica Minor Nossa Senhora da Gloria

City: Maringá - PR

Jaboti_ Café...BR...jpg
rosas vermelhas e espumante 025.jpg

North Pioneiro do Paraná coffee plantations


Paraná Capital of Camomile - medicinal tea

1-Águas do Verê Termas.jpg

Verê-PR Thermal Water Resort

Portal Plones Col Murici _  BR......jpg
Tamancos holandes...BR......jpg
Assaí_PR _ templo Japonês.jpg

Fandango Instrument


Pessankas .....BR......jpg

Parana of the Ethnicities

Igrej  N S Patroc Pruden (2).jpg
IMG-20190614-WA0015 (2).jpg
Vinhos Canonicos ...BR.....jpg
Erva Mate Polaca ..BR....jpg
orquideas amarelas ..BR.....jpg
Orquideas Pink ..BR.... (2).jpg
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